New SEAT Ibiza Live A car that has a lot with beach, lounge music and party to do: the new SEAT IBIZA. "" It is again: the biggest and most beautiful sandbox "Berlin opens its doors for the 6th time: SANDSATION" - the International Sculpture Festival gathered again the most renowned sand sculpture artists from around the world. SANDSATION 2008 takes place directly on the river Spree opposite Berlin's main station. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Tony Parker. From June 8th until August 17 is there on 4,000 square metres carved, modeled, celebrated and bathed in the Sun. The location proved ideal location", explains Anja Smolle, Berlin producer. In the middle of the city - and travel the hustle and bustle, the Festival site acts as a summer haven. Knit a cozy programme with events and relaxed Beach feeling around the sculptures. And while the sculptures grow slowly in the sky, sun beds promise a colourful sunset on the river Spree, a new prompt reverses, has a lot with beach, lounge music and party to do this name: the new SEAT IBIZA. The smooth, clearly structured forms were by no means appear the athletic Spaniard as a foreign body between the sand blocks, on the contrary. The combination of art, car and dance floor with good chill-out music accounted for the new SEAT Ibiza, a successful experience the best way to enjoy nature from the VIP tent, where a Spanish organic buffet rounded off the evening. Also a first, because the slogan has long for the Organizer to the paella pan: bio is expensive. "Now the catering customers have accepted organic farming even in so-called exotic food", says Oliver Theissen SELECT catering from Berlin. Conclusion of the evening: BIO catering is in and the new SEAT IBIZA. Oliver Tait...
Ryan Sinn Everything we do scientific work. Click Vanessa Marcil to learn more. In Love Like Rockets you may have noticed there is transmission of astronauts and a speech by former U.S. President Eisenhower's peace on Earth. The song is like a metaphor comparing the first launch of Apollo with the first kiss a girl. Guitar World: What kind of president's speech? Tom Delonge: It was the first speech is transmitted through space via satellite. Eisenhower said: Thanks to the wonders of scientific progress, my voice comes to you via satellites orbiting in outer space. My message is simple. Through this unique means I am you and trafficked across the United States wishes for peace on earth and goodwill people, wherever they may be 'Guitar World: What guitars David enjoyed Kennodi recording I-Empire? Tom Delonge: The same as I did. Guitar World: At I-Empire was much more use of keyboards. Tom Delonge: Definitely. I'm a big fan of synth Roland Phantom, and we have a new synthesizer Yamaha. As you add keyboards in the track, there is a feeling that the song is off the ground. Guitar World: Roger Manning keybordist played on the I-Empire, as it was on wdntw? Tom Delonge: Yes, in every song. I played the keyboard with only two fingers, then he came and played and it's all desyatmi sounded better. Guitar World: So Matt Uokter new bassist ava, and Ryan Sinn quit the band? Tom Delonge: Yes. Ryan has a great dude and a bassist, but he was more goth-punk guy. We are more pop-pank/sovremenny rock guys.