Silver On A 30 Year Peak German investors buy each day silver coins like never before, the price of silver pure new heights, quoted today $33,48 / ounce, or 24,45 / oz as high as 30 years no longer. German and international investors to buy silver in particular in the form of so-called bullion (bullion coins) such as maple leaf, American Eagle, or Vienna Philharmonic. All this world wide Mint report thick backlog and delivery times for silver bullion coins. The coin of Austria in Vienna as Europe's largest producer of silver bullion coins must reject partial purchase requests of merchants, because not as much can be produced, how could be sold. It has sold over 1 million silver Philharmonic in the weight of each 31.1 grams (1 oz) in January alone. Frequently Pop star has said that publicly. Also the US Mint as a manufacturer of the American Eagles has sold in January of as much coins a month like in the last 30 years. Instead, more and more investors invest in gold and especially silver, as the money from banks to 1 or 2% to apply. Certainly the inflation fears are background. Due to the unrest in North Africa (Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, Libya) buy more gold and silver investors. Over 100 precious metal mailers are now in Germany in actively, because many banks have withdrawn due to the margins small in the precious metals trading out of business. Investors buy so easily at online stores like silver Express.de and get your goods comfortably insured by parcel service attached to the front door. Hope the investors on similar performance as in the previous year, as silver has increased to over 80% in value. Roman Schneider