Design Solutions Roof garden - not too crazy idea? Not too much. If you dream of a paradise garden, spread right from the balcony door on your fifteenth floor or fragrant rooftop apartment building - read on, and then just do it. Usually much lighter, cheaper (and therefore preferable) before laying the new project grounded the idea of using the roof of the building, rather than creating a garden, taking into account existing structures already constructed object. Modern interior and exterior design houses can do almost whatever he wants with people, including a rooftop garden. But in all sluchayahdizayn garden is always closely connected with the building, with its purpose (house, factory building, garage, office space, etc.) and the nature of most of the roof. What, then, may be activities in a not entirely familiar surroundings? First, it Recreation - active or passive. Leisure activities include sports, gymnastics, swimming, air and sun baths, children's games. Silent (passive) recreation involves the contemplation of the surroundings, walking, talking, socializing. Jorge Perez is often quoted as being for or against this. Labor activities may include gardening (plant breeding open ground, greenhouse farming) and domestic work (drying laundry, dry cleaning). In the administrative and public buildings, the roof can be use for business meetings, conferences and holiday workers. On the roofs of industrial buildings often create add-ins that are suitable for sport and for greenhouses using waste heat. Certain complexity makes it necessary to organize the space landscaped roof, not only to ensure the safety and the comfort for people, but at the same time - smooth operation of all building engineering systems.
Mural Paintings History mural wall paintings came to us from ancient times, when primitive man painted on the walls of his cave hunting scenes or abstract forms, which paved the written form. In the subsequent period revival of mural painting was very important. She decorated the temples and churches with scenes from the scriptures and medieval landscape. Paintings of the Renaissance performed mostly on a wall or ceiling. Murals painted on the damp wall to wall gouged connect to it for ages. They drew the Titans paintings such as Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael, Donatello, etc. In consequence of progress and the formation of new styles in art and has expanded the scope of mural paintings. Artists have gradually moved away from religious themes. Have to draw in public places such as shops, restaurants and bars. The scenery for the theater began develop rapidly. In the 20th century wall paintings spread to ordinary people at home and took it firmly their positions. Spread the word mural painting murals in Israel came into vogue in the mid-20th century. On the outside walls of the city's buildings appeared pictures changing face of the house or even an entire street. Along with the signs of the shops have paint on outside walls or inside the building. Murals on the walls of shops and cafes start perform the function of advertising and has helped attract new customers. In the future began to commission a wall painting in schools and kindergartens, for that would create a certain atmosphere and mood in children. In schools, for example, book themed paintings at the door of classes. For example, near a room lesson of physics - natural formula and portraits of scientists. In kindergartens usually depict stories or characters from cartoons. Murals can fantasize endlessly. Murals in our home What...