Theatre-pedagogical Training The concept of integrative theater work offers facilitator training for the 5th time. The instructors of training including theater work", Thomas Wewers, educator, theater -, curative and clown, working as a culture Manager in a facility for people with disabilities, has learned his theatre educational craft at the youth art school Unna. "Specifically for this theater work he has taken up the improvisational concept that youth art school and by the mask and theater work by Walter Koch, actor, special, comedian with masks, co-founder of the blue Meier Studio" Bremen (www.blaukunst.de) enriched and further developed. Together, the instructors have over 50 years experience in theater work with people with intellectual disabilities. So you get offered a wide range of manual options to develop your individual style of instructions with your personal priorities and in the blocks of training practical test, by itself, guide and develop professional feedback. This requires also pre-and post-processing time outside the training blocks! Requirements of the participants: the theatre pedagogical guidance about the pros, check and play with in the foreground. This requires: refer to itself, on the group, to engage on the topic of theatre and an artistic, creative process. 1 Block: fun: basis and tools 2. block: game stories find 3rd block: introduction to the/animation of history of the game 4. block: the rehearsals: game monitoring and correction of game 5 block: mask construction 6 block: Masque 7 block: themes are based on the final production - a work performance of the blocks, can be booked individually so!