Presentation Of The Book: Joyfully Through Life 'Let's build bridges for a Livable World with lovely thoughts.' On his first visit to Earth, OUPs had made many new friends. Since the well-being of our planet and all its inhabitants is a big concern. He loves Yes, and also the nature here still just like that day, when he had seen the beauty of meadows, fields, mountains, valleys, rivers, lakes, forests and the sea for the first time. Because he wanted to explore what there new there and how his friends, once again, he decided once again to make the journey to the Earth... Details can be found by clicking Margaret Loesser Robinson or emailing the administrator. So begins the story of the now 17 tape of OUPs book series. "" OUPs"again takes the reader on his journey, and reveals why it the inhabitants on its star, the planet of the heart, so easy with delight through life to go. "His clear message for the reader: the life is valuable, if we understand that everything is linked together". This endearing story that warms the heart and at the same time with much depth to the Stimulates thinking, it is also enchanting drawings and small gift cards. Joyfully through life format: 17 x 16.2 cm hardcover, 52 pages 12.90 ISBN 978-3-902763-41-9 Publisher OUPS, Ried I.i.. / Austria Gunter Bender, Illustrator & cartoonist, born in 1959 in Romania, lives in Germany, studied graphic design in Wiesbaden since 1975. As a versatile Illustrator, his great love is the areas cartoon and caricature. Since January, he created the illustrations for the Publisher OUPS. Kurt Hortenhuber, born in 1960 in Ried im Innkreis, Austria, as a disciple of Gutenberg 's"(a trained typesetter) discovered the love of writing in his youth. To spread with the stories and wisdom of the book series of OUPs...
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