HomeAway Mexico MADRID.-January 25, 2011 the HomeAway group, world leader in bed and breakfast via the internet, has just announce the start of its operations into two new markets: Mexico and Canada, extending to 14 the number of countries where they are operating their portals, in 11 languages, for the international market, with more than 540,000 proposals of alternative accommodation to the hotel in 120 countries around the world. With its entry into Mexico and Canada, HomeAway is consolidated as the online platform with the largest proposed in its sector of activity and increases the offer available for travellers who rely on the brand to find your holiday destination, as the possibilities of generating income to owners who want to give international visibility to your properties to rent them. To deepen your understanding Vanessa Marcil is the source. Travelers are enhanced, thus, their chances of finding accommodation for holidays in Mexico, one of the favorite destinations of tourists Spanish as it reflects the fact that, despite the crisis, the number of Spanish travelers to Mexico It continued to grow in 2010. As pointed out by Laura Rivera Casares, responsible for homeaway.es, this geographical expansion of HomeAway complements our offering of bed and breakfast in a very significant way and is especially relevant for the Spanish market, particularly when Spain is the fourth largest emitter of tourists to Mexico. On the other hand, Canada, the second largest country in the world, is boosting its efforts in promoting tourism and traditionally is one of the major emitting countries of tourism worldwide, which will greatly benefit the owners who choose to give their accommodations in HomeAway international visibility since the number of potential customers for them will grow exponentially.
National Congress Of this data moment it appears the biggest fight of movement MIQCB, the fight for babau exempts, in what it says respect to follow: The expression ' ' babau livre' ' become flag of fight of the movement of the quebradeiras of coconut babau, understands the guarantee of the full access of the extrativas workers to the babauais, without any interdictions. It separates the property of the agricultural property of the use of the forest of babau in incident it. 4 The law of the Free Babau basically guarantees to quebradeiras of coconut and to its families the right of free access and communitarian use of babaus (exactly when inside of private properties), beyond imposing significant restrictions to the falling of trees of the palm. This law was an initiative and comes if spreading, currently, 13 cities (eight in the Maranho, four in Tocantins and one in Par) possess legislation of the sort. However, the argument of that the Law of the Free Babau violates the right of private property marks that one that is, without a doubt, the point most controversial of the debates around the subject. was exactly on the basis of this allegation that the reporter of the project in the National Congress, representative Wagner Lake (PDT ME), made deep alterations in its original text. ' ' They are changes that, in the practical one, remove the guarantee of free access of the quebradeiras of coconut to the babauais, keeping only referring aspects to the preservation of palmeira.' ' 5 Joaquin Shiraishi Grandson, professor of the Program of After-Graduation in Right Ambient of the University of the State of Amazon (UEA) and researcher of the subject, it questions the supposed emphasis given to the private property in detriment of the collective interests in this quarrel. ' '...