Astrology Many of the meteorological phenomena, that today we know that they must to terrestrial causes, attributed the old ones them to influence of the stars, and with the idea that the Gods dwelled in stars, they supposed, that the meteorological phenomena were expression of their wills, like for example the ray for being the voice of Jupiter or Zeus, like the bolides, I commit, fatuos fires, the winds, the clouds, etc. It was known that three months before leaving the processions sagradas for Delphi, pythaistes athenian were placed in the altar of Zeus and observed the sky and the march of clouds during three days and three nights in every month. In Sparta the foros, according to Plutarco, every nine years chose one night calm, without moon and observed stars. The divinations by clouds (nefelomancia), by winds (anemoscopia), the way to fall and to fly the leaves of the trees (filomancia) and in the rain (brecomancia), were only known lately the Greek civilization; the system with more root was the sidereal divination. The prognoses atmospherics founded on the influence of the stars, always enjoyed great credit, in particular between the field people, and still in our days those that create in predictions of almanac, the influence of the phases of the Moon, on good and bad weather, etc. are many. It is not possible to be denied of absolute way that the stars still exert influence on the meteorological phenomena and on certain vital functions of the plants and the animal. It has been demonstrated as far as the tides, the aurorae boreales, and some other phenomena due to the solar action. It does not correspond to the physicist to refute the affirmations of the astrologer, but to this one demonstrating that they are founded. In this it happens what...
Archangel Michael In general, the Church of Michael (Philadelphia) during the stay on Earth was created not only a set of very powerful nations and empires, but also bring a galaxy of highly developed consciousness of the souls of men, famous in the embodiment of man as their philosophers and scientists, such as Hermes, Plato, Heraclitus, Aristotle, and the famous generals such as Alexander of Macedon, Hannibal, Julius Caesar. And all that has been created for the previous period, the Philadelphia church, its founder and head of the Archangel Michael had to give into the hands of Satan. Thus began the purposeful extinction of ancient Rome and the Roman Empire, which was given at the mercy of the wild tribes of Satan - the Huns, after which Satan its imaginary victory over the greater part of the archangels sent to conquer the empire of Michael. And although the Huns quickly and easily defeated the army of Michael, before you give into the hands of Satan's territory of the former Roman Empire, Michael time to implement some very important their ideas. At first, he is born in the image of Emperor Constantine the Great, and introduces to the subservient yet he territory of a single religion - Christianity - which referred to that the Earth again will one single ruler - the son of God, Jesus. People are following the example of Jesus, experienced the suffering must show obedience to him, becoming his servants, and then through the observance of his commandments, seek enter into the kingdom of God.