Fuzzy Contours He contemplated his burial with the regret of who had died accidentally.However, the death had been a conscious choice.That's what he told me with eyes clouded by tears, what he did to this time believe him immediately. The great novelists should always give them the benefit of the lie.To summarize the story he told that on a day of boredom, in front of the screen, he decided to star in one of his characters. Not one anyone but his followers, that which had no antagonist, by what he considered a delicacy of postmodern realism that novel. I.e., I didn't have a physical character like antagonist, the conflict was guaranteed by the arduous efforts of the main character in his ideal of liberty, equality and fraternity, as it somehow, since it was considered unnecessary to innovate in a consecrated formula.That was how it was presented, paladin of the terminally ill, defender of oppressed workers, loot farmers, those who suffered from hunger and lack of Justice, all exposed with the exuberance of their ingenuity and brilliance of its expression in narrative prose and poetry, especially in poetry. Because then he learned that in addition to his talent for creative writing was expressed with glare in tidy verses, which aroused a mixture of adoration and envy in other poets and pseudo poets who met to her around, sighing ones and others by the grace of a comment yours, a word at least, although it is confined to the gift of an insult. Peter Farrelly may find this interesting as well. Everything was better than endure the gall of your indifference because to your revolved around the planets. Hero of all battles, made sprout the fervent admiration of men and afrenzied passion for females. To all you rewarded with equal generosity literary and poetic.I...
Trading in Brazil In Brazil, there are requirements and impositions determined for the system dominant politician. In reason of this, the escravista conception was created that will go to influence the human groups in typical an ethnic and racial confluence of the colonial society of the time. Of this mixture of white and black cultures, aggregate habits and customs to the ethnic identity had appeared. They are in the form of culinria, dances, language, music, religion, among others expressions. in the parties that the cultural adversities of the slaves, its representations, its gestures are associates to already the existing ones, originating customs and typical musics of the movements, in one form of resistance and affirmation of its identities. Of these movements it sobressaiu what comumente we know as popular culture. In recent months, Jay A Schwartz has been very successful. With proper characteristics of each region of Brazil, these expressions had been if developing in accordance with the economic realities of each one. The main agricultural nuclei that if had detached as diffusing of this dynamics had been regions that Rio De Janeiro, Pernambuco and Salvador englobam, considered centers irradiadores of partner-cultural production. The possibility of being able to add new elements, such as the customs and beliefs that loaded of its ancestor, became viable for the captive a readjustment the requirements imposed for the repressive effective escravista system. This taking of decision is reflected of the proper image that the blacks had started to have from the moment where they had been inserted in a completely different world of its. Music starts to be basic in this process, as Blacksmith explains (2009): In the African culture, music is tied with the daily one of the work, the religion and the entertainment.

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