Educative Reformation What means this? , that the Guarani never was constituted in the preoccupation of the MEC, that since then played two ends. Thus, a wing of the MEC always knew that the Guarani - far to imply the mere learning of a language it was the unique political tool that would help the country to leave fauces of the ignorance, the poverty and the misery. Until the common sense it indicated then that in country with great Guarani-speaking majority, the correct thing would be - respecting the human rights to teach in the maternal language and to incline to the coordinated bilinguismo. Nevertheless, the other sector, a small group procastellanista-contraguarani, anchylosed in the MEC, did the impossible thing to avoid, first, the incorporation of the Guarani to the Educative Reformation and; later, when not obtaining it, installing to its operators in sites keys to try the weakening of the Guarani in the system. At all costs, and under protection of the power of the State, a campaign began that had to present/display to the very difficult Guarani like or very complicated in education. And the play gave - in part the result waited for by this small group, because - to more of the campaign contraguarani, the incorporation of those who would debilitate to the Guarani from the MEC, the complicity of the ministerial structure, and the use of the authoritarianism soon, in 1999, the MEC with the excuse of which the Guarani is very difficult - it weighs not to count on convincing tests of it incorporates the supposed Guarani Paraguayan or jehe a (badly called jopara) in the structure of bilingual education. The showy thing of the case, is that the Guarani (with hardly four orthographic rules) was only difficult; however, the Castilian (with almost five thousand orthographic...

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