Security: Prevent Data Theft, Live hacking demonstration illustrates backup needs as enterprise data security in the interaction of encryption and secure authentication reach, show the technology provider of apsec, CryptWare and cryptovision at an information event on the 15th of may in the Squaire at Frankfurt airport. IT security specialist Gunnar Porada illustrates the vulnerability of sensitive data with a live hacking demonstration. Stockstadt/Gelsenkirchen/Bad Camberg, May 4th, 2012 - the aim of the event is to raise awareness among companies of the importance of effective IT security measures and to provide practical solutions to them. Is still not known many companies, like unauthorized sensitive corporate data can easily access", explains Dr. Volker Scheidemann, Marketing Director of apsec. With the demonstration of Gunnar Porada we want to perform live, how fast can get access hacker", he stressed. Companies by data theft must fear harm, shows the annual study of the Ponemon Institute. For the year 2020 average costs in the amount of EUR 3,4 million per data theft detected it an increase of over 30 percent over the previous year. As practical protection Dr. Volker Scheidemann recommends in his presentation to the encryption of files and folders. As a so-called hybrid solution, it is possible now for data that are stored in the cloud or in the document Center from Microsoft SharePoint. The files are stored in encrypted form and decrypted only in the user's computer. How to secure authentication methods can be combined with the hard disk encryption BitLocker by Microsoft, explains Uwe Saame CryptWare proprietor of his presentation. The use of smart cards as well as a single-sign-on link security with user comfort. Marco Smeja, Vice President of sales and marketing for cryptovison, practical usage scenarios for the smart card authentication for the log-on system or the electronic signature in the digital workflow...
Japanese So, if you organize a holiday: when choosing a restaurant or cafe please attention to whether they will comply with the spirit of the holiday? Do fit into your plan? Will there be a comfortable and cozy guest? Composing the menu, remember: if the holiday is not a thematic (for example, a party in the Japanese style or beer festival), then the composition of dishes can be anything. The more diverse - the better. Where possible consider the tastes and preferences of the guests, they will be pleased to see their favorite treats. attention should be on technical aspects selected for the festival area. What are you going to the program? Disco - so need the sound equipment and invite the professional dj. Show program? Then see if there is a scene and the corresponding lighting and sound. Or maybe your guests will love to sing karaoke? Keep in mind, and this moment! now is the time to think about leading the event. Is it required for the planned activities, appropriate it? If your gift - a holiday on the anniversary of his wife? Or you decide to soap party? You have to decide. In the event banquet event where there is a protocol, order of presentation of gifts, dance breaks, smoke breaks, probably without him and can not do. Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City usually is spot on. But make sure in advance with Plan how to seat the guests, send him a few lines about each of the invitees. On his role in the life of the birthday child, relationship with the heroes of the day, etc. .