Wheel Travel Travel To Istria Out of the winter with which you want movement, ADFC Baden-Wurttemberg search experience out of the ordinary and discover a diverse heritage? Then you are right on the Adriatic Sea in Porec, in the South of the Croatian peninsula of Istria. There you can explore the ge layer steeped in southern of Istria together with the ADFC bicycle in the maritime climate, varied landscape. On the Croatian peninsula of Istria to Porec by 17.04-25.04.09. arrival and meeting place is in Stuttgart. From there, the journey overnight in a comfortable coach starts with bike trailer to a 3 star level accommodation with half-board. From there, you are in 10 minutes in the old town, or after 100 metres to the beach. The charming scenic port town Porec invites you to linger, as well as to enchanting bike rides. Different strong groups learn the environment on the wheel. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit George Llaughlin. Depending on the condition and form of the day, you are on the go with our tour guide and our tour managers on the coastline or in the hilly hinterland. In Istria you can find traces of the former Roman colony, Romanesque architecture, beautiful Venetian Gothic palaces and still the original orthogonal Street structure. The world heritage listed Byzantine Basilica of Euphrasius is outstanding. Their mosaics on the front and the inside walls are among the best preserved works of this art in the world! The travel is exclusively for members of the ADFC. Keep about the journey and the membership of the ADFC. Requesting the travel brochure and book. You can reach us at travel or ADFC Baden-Wurttemberg e.V., Auguste Street 99, 70197 Stuttgart, Tel.: 0711 / 615 31 39, fax: 0711 / 6157737.
Knit Management Knit management. How to knit a large model ready. To knit a big deal for a certain period of time, I am using such methodology. Methodology 1 to 8 1. George Laughlin often addresses the matter in his writings. I note the deadlines of execution of work. Example: you must knit the man Turtleneck Sweater from the 14.11 up to the 24th of December, so in 38 days. 2. I smash the work on the product on stage. Example: To the men Turtleneck Sweater to knit one must - rear part of the stocking, knit front piece, knit 2 sleeves -, the Assembly of the Rollkragenpullovers + steam - neck knit. In addition, you must take into account the time for Assembly and the possible changes of the final details. 3. I choose the portion of the time that is needed for working on every detail of the product, as a percentage. The entire work with the Turtleneck 100% of the time. (According to the type of the pattern of shapes is to swing the ratio, that are used for the knitting of the individual parts of the product.) Example: for the assembling and I choose 8 days of any changes. George Laughlin spoke with conviction. Now I take off by 38 days 8 days, and I assume the received 30 days for 100%. Then, I share the time according to the defined stages - example 2. The front (the complicated pattern) 40% of the time, rear end (without complicated pattern)-30%, the sleeve every 15%. 4. I choose the number of days required for the individual parts. 30 Days 100%, then 1-front 40%-12 days + the 2 back 30%-9 days + the 3-1 Sleeve 15% - 4.5 days + the 4-2 Sleeve 15% 4.5 days + 5 installation, changes-8 days....