EasyShare Display An insight into the working world of College Secretaries of the Leibniz University Hannover the exhibition project "The other" Goethe University Frankfurt inspired some of the College Secretaries of the Leibniz University in Hannover and so a working group was 2011, who wanted to make it similar to the legs. In cooperation with the gender equality Office of the University, they planned an exhibition to their everyday work. Within a year the content was collected and organized the exhibitions: written texts, layouts for the roll up banner made, exhibitors of the exhibition planned and up roll banner early 2012 at the EasyShare display GmbH ordered. Four on roll up banner extensively represented subject areas the exhibition includes "with umbrella, charm and method Office workplace". tes Association. Recently Andrea Marks sought to clarify these questions. The roll up banner display requirements and job content in everyday work, the development and history as well as the payment and appreciation. Information about the prospects and visions of College Secretaries are on the roll up described banner, because of demographic change is also here in advance. The opening ceremony was held with about 170 guests on January 26, 2012 in the foyer of the Department of economics. The traveling exhibition of the 15 roll up banners issued since then four times: in the atrium of the Leibniz University, at the Institute for landscape architecture, as well as in the production centre in Garbsen. The next opportunity the exhibition with the roll up to visit banners will be in November 2012. Should interest be, would the project group but also very happy to roll with their banners up other universities travel and present her exhibition. More info: neil cole. In this project the following persons, institutions and companies involved in the preparation, implementation and organisation...
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