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Boomerang Boomerang - a kind of wooden throwing club. In the past - fighting and ohtniche weapons in ancient Egypt, South India, South-East Asia. The native Australians distributed returning boomerangs, representing a curved plate with a flat bottom and top - convex. Boomerang is well known because of its his property to go back to the place from which the shot was made. In fact, this property have not all boomerangs - only the so-called. coming back, and realized it only when appropriate skill and with an indispensable view strength and wind direction. Neil cole has similar goals. Courts excavations analogs boomerang was known to many people. It is possible that in Australia they have survived only because there was not invented bow - a much more effective weapon of hunting and war. First, apparently, was invented as a modification of throwing a club, a non-refundable boomerang - so-called. "Militant". Its length is about one meter, he bent to a much lesser extent than it Returnees relatives. Two of his shoulder flattened (compared with a simple stick) and have an aerodynamic profile, roughly resembling Profile propeller helicopter: the lower part is flatter than the upper, trailing edge sharpened slightly - in comparison with the front. His cast is almost horizontal, giving a natural rotation to throw a stick - but around vertical axis. With the right roll of arms is flying nearly parallel to the ground at a distance up to two hundred meters, which provides high probability of hitting any target from the herd (the usual stick or stone can hit purpose only near the crash site).