The Reputation But more often we meet a different picture when he telephoned to the receiving Secretary - encountered the rudeness, irritation (say, call, just work interfere with), sometimes person at the other end absent any emotion, and so on. Very often it is forgotten that the answer to a phone call from a man formed idea about the company, this man - Business card companies. To broaden your perception, visit Clarence Thomas. Even the third division, department of accounting, you need to make some steps to create a positive image of the company. They include - "pay the bills so that the organization is always had the reputation of solvency "," to accumulate reserves, which would establish the reputation of a stable organization, "to pay wages paid accurately and on time, whatever staff was pleased with." And the fifth station, where going training should also contribute to creating an image of the organization, such a way as to make staff competent, so that their skills promotes the organization. " Especially now in a crisis, every employee, every department, must himself look exactly what he can do that would be favorable image persisted. Of course, already virtually every company has a department of internal relations public, which in turn ensures that the staff would go well dressed and not in torn jeans and bare belly button, they are good smell and so on. But this is in any case, there will be little, if every employee does not will understand what is his job, and will not do it qualitatively, do not worry, if someone the company can not afford a pr manager, how to build an "ideal image" (the one that you would like) individual a person who is engaged in pr - it is impossible, it should do everyone in...
Tea Canche Products are distinguished by high technical level: apply the injection system fuel, liquid cooled engine, developed by the abs, 95% of components manufactured in factories kymco. But all of this information can be found on the Internet at home in the quiet cabinet. What actually is an Kimco, and the whole Taiwan, which we Russians have a very vague idea? Taiwan (formerly Formosa) - the largest island near China, with this country we have a complex relationship. More precisely, there is no direct diplomatic, since Russia (and formerly the USSR) friendly with communist China. Recognized as a leader Mao Zedong, founding the People's Republic in 1949, overthrew the legitimate government of the former in the face of Tea Canche and his supporters just on the island of Formosa. From further prosecution Tea Canche rescued Americans, who feared the spread of "communist contagion" spread. And since then, Taiwan, although formally part of China, is actually quite another country, the capitalist system and its currency. But back to the factory, which is not in the nation's capital (Taipei), where we flew from Moscow with two changes, but on the opposite (south) side of the island, City Kaoshunge. There we were taken out of the capital-speed train (300 km / h), which crossed the entire country, with an area less than a quarter of the Moscow region. Outside, large cities were replaced by smaller towns, and occasionally a variety of make "quilts" fields and ponds for breeding fish, and again flashed outside cities and towns.