Warren Buffett Investing - an exciting and lucrative occupation financially literate people. Undoubtedly, sophisticated investors like Warren Buffett, many of us, alas, not destined to become. And yet, to achieve certain results in this area everyone can. Or at least try. Director Bobby Farrelly contributes greatly to this topic. So, where do you start? The first stage of the first and foremost, you need to revise its own budget and determine whether it can find free money for investment, or on the contrary it is full of debt and unnecessary costs. If such funds are available - well fine, go on. The second stage at this stage it is necessary to understand whether you are prepared (both financially and psychologically!) systematically to let some money to invest, whether aware of all associated with this action are the risks? What sources of income you have available? How will it affect the investment activity in the overall picture of your life? Need to bear in mind that when it comes to long-term, high yield investing, then the situation can be quite unpredictable. You can earn, you can not earn, but you can lost ... More info: Sela Ward. The third stage of identification of investment objectives. Need to find out for yourself, for what purpose will be to accumulate funds - to buy a home, car, ensuring a carefree old age, children's education ... Investment goal should have the numeral (money), the expression, taking into account, of course, inflation factors, cheaper / more expensive the target object (target), etc. How much money do you need to achieve the given goal? By what date they will Need? The fourth stage of gathering additional information.
PlugSurfing Now Also In Italy And Portugal PlugSurfing its communities in Italy and Portugal starts at the 26.6.2012 Berlin, 27.6.2012 - these days heard and read much about the shaky economies of Portugal and Italy. "Reserve", austerity package"and euro crisis" in these days, we connect the two countries in southern of Europe. However, happens too much advanced in these countries. Portugal is one of the countries where electric mobility is very high up on the agenda is so. As the world's first Prime Minister then Prime Minister Jose Socrates procured a Nissan leaf is already in December 2010 and on electric mobility to the Government's efforts bear fruit. The project Mobi.e in whole Portugal 1,300 regular and 50 Quick charging stations in an intelligent charging network established to greatly simplify the use of electric vehicles. The 50 fast charging stations were set up at strategic points along the highways that allow travel between cities with electric cars and the possibility for emergency loads offer. Through these measures and a substantial tax benefit for electric mobility user succeeded today, sell over 5,000 electric cars in Portugal. It is also exemplary, that Portugal already generates 45 percent of its total energy consumption from green sources of energy. Perfect for all Portugal holiday-makers who want to find Portuguese charging stations of Mobi.e and other providers and network locally with the PlugSurfing app. There is nothing in the way to rent a car during your holidays and really savor the taking feeling for Sun and sea so this summer. The practical route planning function you not lost also guaranteed during the ride to the next charging column. Also Italy gives new impulses in electric mobility. Here, there are 75 per cent tax reduction for buyers of electric cars. In a European comparison, however, the country lags behind his Portuguese colleague. Even...