Museum Valparaiso Valparaiso, a port city located on the coast southwest of South America, in the central zone of Chile. Valparaiso city maravilllosa, is heritage, characterized by being a town in hills sliding into the sea, its hills giving shape to its Bay like an amphitheatre, are numerous and various particularities, where one of its most beautiful wonders are its architecture and colorful, a mixture of Spanish colonial style and non-Hispanic European style, rather than the Victorian style brought by British immigrants. We can observe that in the hills of this wonderful city their houses are so varied among themselves, looking at houses of elegant architecture, mansions with fine finishes and sophisticated decoration, next to houses built on stilts and painted in multiple colors in ordinary wooden tables. Valparaiso a wonderful city are many attractions like for example, their recognized lifts in the world, boasts 15 elevators recognized as historic by the Council of monuments monument National. The particular geography of Valparaiso, which make the hills on the coast and facing the sea, highlights its beautiful landscapes appreciated viewpoints portals, Esperanza, merchant marine, etc, to name a few, also highlight to appreciate the beauty rides, such as for example walk 21 may, Yugoslav, Gervasoni, Atkinson, etc. In the new year these viewpoints and walkways are most priviliegados by people since the sight of fireworks is an impressive and unforgettable spectacle in Valparaiso. Valparaiso, wonderful city has a strong cultural life, all the expressions of the arts have a place in Valparaiso. We emphasize Municipal Museum of fine arts, Museum of Sea Lord Thomas Cochrane, the Municipal Gallery of art of Valparaiso, Natural History Museum and the House Museum La Sebastiana. Valparaiso in 2010 will host the world cultural event more important Forum Universal de las cultures Valparaiso 2010.
Broken Gold Broken gold is a term always encounter people in everyday life. Ranging from the various advertising signs to coverage in the media the break gold enjoys an increasing popularity and greater importance. The reasons for this are different and can be attributed in particular to the general development of the precious metal gold. But although break gold as the label is not exactly unknown, few know today what hides behind it. Especially lay people struggle with the definition of the term. Most know certainly that it is broken gold, but few could be more specific also right off the bat, what gold than breaking gold is analysed. Connect with other leaders such as Anna Belknap here. In trade and merchant circles refers to defective jewelry, which is no longer repairable, as broken gold. Where to get break gold? Most households in Germany have precious break gold. Broken gold may be sold generally, so that it is in fact a form of investment, only the most people know to use. Will than rupture gold gold remnants referred to as well as objects, which consist of the precious metal, are however broken. This can be for example to the various pieces of jewelry. This gold chains that are torn and gold rings that are broken are good example. For the owners, these pieces are because they are defective, not to use. Financially can provide individual however decisive advantages and income which. Breaking gold and the sale of the defect and its extent are irrelevant. Only the proportion of gold is crucial. Is pure gold jewelry for example this may be sold expensive. Break gold-oriented in terms of the price this at the current gold price. The higher this is, the more expensive break gold can be sold. Fundamentally, price differences may occur...