Formation In the last decades of the twentieth century in the ecology of a new direction - videoecology. Tony Parker can provide more clarity in the matter. The emergence of this trend is primarily due to the realization that the gray, monotonous environment in urban areas adversely affects the health of its people, causing tiredness and even nervous breakdowns. Visual fatigue - this is an important factor affecting our health and with your spirit. But the worst thing is that often the whole monotony Cities we carry in our home with you to create your own interior at the behest of the heart, and injunction set forth in our stereotypes. Look around, what do you see? The furniture in the room is like a ruler along the walls, and she was strong rectangular shape. And this "rectangular" room violates the single rack filled with various things that are not needed anymore, but like to throw a pity. Well, if you do not, but otherwise consider, that you have found one of the reasons for your desire to periodically change the situation and go somewhere to relax. Your home - this is the place where you should aim always, and not run away from it. But your desire is understandable in such a term, as a "visual hunger." The scientists found that our eyes work in active mode, constantly scanning the environment. And even if you feel that you simply sitting relaxed on a couch or armchair Your eyes continue to look hard to hold on. Experts in the field advise videoecology fill our house a variety of shapes and colors.