Odour Oil
MusicGenome InStore DJ Intelligent technology for detecting taste Berlin, improved the atmosphere of the sales at the POS November 10, 2008, studies show that the background music at the point-of-sales (POS) has a significant influence on the buying behavior. Marktverant must hit the right tone, the customer stays longer, his mood increases, and to buy a larger number or higher quality products, more readily. MusicGenome offers a tool with the Marktverantwortliche can choose the music that meets the needs of customers multimedia markets with the InStore DJ. The musical background has been proven decisively contributes to a positive shopping atmosphere. The MusicGenome InStore DJ supports that. In this special package of solution, the intelligent technologies were combined SmartDJ and endless. The smart DJ allows the person to create profiles, which vary according to the user's taste in music and play accordingly independently new titles as recommendations. To do this he assessed User titles that please him as positive. Special feature: By entering the best-selling CDs of SmartDJ profiles, representing the tastes of the entire clientele of a POS. The Marktverantwortliche ensures in its music selection, that the now playing title aimed at the tastes of the client. In addition, he can be for everyone can be seen viewing the information about the currently playing title about the endless by MusicGenome, so if you are interested, the desired product can be found faster. Moreover, custom title can be played also on the season, such as the Christmas quiet and romantic music and cheerful in the summer and casual titles, which give the feeling of holiday and vacation. The system at a glance: InStore-DJ MusicGenome is aimed at markets that have a multimedia offering and have the permission to present this. Directly connected to the audio system of the market it is possible to select...