Additional Contribution Hardly any population group is zahlungsbefreit medical care in Germany is at a high level. Drugs, hospitalizations and protracted therapies cost however. So, many statutory health insurance companies justify charging an additional fee. The private krankenversicherung.de insurance Portal explains what population groups to checkout will be asked. EUR 8 spend an additional month for health insurance. For many, that seems like a slap in the face. So far, there is no reliable information (www.private-krankenversicherung.de/ information /), which funds 2010 to take this step. The DAK, KKH-Allianz and the German health insurance fund and some small company health insurance funds to make a start. With a few exceptions, the majority of the population to pay is called upon. These include also ALG I receiver and students as well as workers. The contribution in the weight falls just for these groups. But even with good income, insured persons about the apparent arbitrariness of the funds may be surprised. Ultimately many do not admit to pay more at constant or even deteriorating services. However, is not recommended, to refuse payment. Additional administrative costs, which are distributed to the entire insurance community arise in this way. Who absolutely doesn't want to pay, can make use of his special right and switch the cash register. It is questionable, though, how long it will take, until other funds follow suit. At least the child care is supported. Parents who take maternity, education or parental allowance, shall be exempt from payment. This also applies to recipients of benefits, as well as military and civilian service. All other remains the weak consolation, to make the contribution at least tax.
Publication Of Abstracts Graduate Students And Applicants Under the current Regulations, a person applying for a degree, must reflect the scientific results of their research in publication - the creative work of a scientist. But he must subject to certain requirements. The introduction of the abstract and the dissertation applicant gives brief answers to the point to the following 14 sections: Relevance of the topic. Objective. To deepen your understanding Tony Parker is the source. The idea of work. Research problems. Methods research. The main scientific positions that are protected by the author. The reliability of scientific results. The novelty of scientific propositions. Personal contribution of the author. Practical value. The implementation work in the industry. Approbation of the work. Publication. The volume and structure of the dissertation. 'For published works, reflecting the major scientific results of the thesis shall be treated as diplomas at the opening, patents, utility model certificates, patents for industrial design, algorithms, which are incorporated in the State fund of algorithms and programs which held the relevant examination for novelty, deposited in the institutions of the state system Scientific and Technical Information of the manuscript works, annotated in scholarly journals; pre-prints, published abstracts of reports presented at scientific congresses, conferences, symposium and workshops, information on new maps material included in the state data-bank '(Bulletin wac Russia. 1995. 1. S. 6). Subdivision "Testing results of the study" provides information about the practical verification of the guidelines and the results of the thesis work, as well as areas of scientific, applied, educational activities, in which research results have been applied. In the same section specifies where, when and on what scientific conferences were reported and were published the results of issledovaniy.Naibolee common form of scientific publications are abstracts of papers and speeches. It set out a concise and original scientific ideas on the selected applicant....